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Fire is one of the most important forces on Earth.

The use of fire by humans has long been considered as a defining property of intelligence, separating us from other animals. By one Harvard professor’s account, fire has altered the course of our evolution. Fire has underpinned the development of all modern technologies—from ceramics, to metal working, to internal combustion engine, to the nuclear industry.

But unfortunately, it is also amongst the most dangerous discovery as negligence in control over fire can lead to utter ruin and massive destruction.

In case of fire emergency fire protection systems play a crucial role in preventing and mitigating casualties caused by fire. For the safety of life, regulatory bodies across the world have stressed upon minimum fire protection measures to be undertaken to avoid disasters in their incipient stages.

We at Viram Solutions offer you with complete range of fire safety assistance so that you can concentrate on running your business safely and minimise the loss to life avoiding all kinds of financial losses while we take care of your safety.

Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hydrant System, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Alarms, Risk Assessments, Fire Audits, Licensing Work or Fire Safety Training we will take care of all of your needs.

Whichever Fire protection service you require, trust us and we will get them to you in most efficient and hassle-free manner.

Viram Solutions has vast experience of all of these aspects of fire protection, utilising dedicated, professional and qualified staff.

Ashish Vilas Ukirde

Managing Director

B. E. Fire (from National Fire Service College, Nagpur)


Why install Fire Protection Systems???

It's difficult to overemphasize the importance of fire protection, and everybody seems to be aware, but still, thousands of fires happen every month. Just take a look at the numbers:

Fire-related accidents have, on average, killed 35 people every day in the five years between 2016 and 2020, according to a report by Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India (ADSI), maintained by the National Crime Records Bureau.

In 2021, India sadly recorded 1.6 million fire accidents, with 27,027 innocent lives lost.

As much as around 65 % of all these incidents could be avoided by proper use of fire protection systems and we can ensure your protection.

Following are some important reasons to install a Fire Protection System:

  Ø  Meet the Legal Requirements.

For the life safety of its citizens government makes sure that every infrastructure is equipped with minimum level of protection which will safeguard the people occupying that structure. In case of any adverse situation government wants to makes sure that no loss to life occurs because of lack of resources which could have been easily avoided.

  Ø  Gain Valuable Time

With the proper installation of fire protection systems, the presence of smoke or any increases in heat can be detected early. This early detection provides the needed time to the occupants in order to find an exit route and get outside of the structure to the safety.

  Ø  The Stop Fire in its Incipient Stage

If a fire is extinguished in its early stage, enormous catastrophic outcome of it can be avoided.

  Ø  Protect Your Investments

We understand that you have a lot of valuables or even some precious commodities placed in your infrastructure. There are a variety of fire suppression systems can provide reliable protection to your products and save your costly equipment from being damaged or consumed by a fire.

  Ø  Get Back to Normal Life Quickly

Fires that take place in an infrastructure which does not have a fire protection system, can end being temporarily closed if not permanently; depending upon the damage. Loss of time, loss of income, loss of equipment and even loss of life can occur. With the installation of a fire protection system, these losses can be diminished, and the amount of downtime can be tremendously reduced.

  Ø  Fire Protection till your Local Fire Department responds.

Although fire alarm system will alert people to get to safety, it still takes on average 20-25 minutes for a fire department to arrive onsite to begin fighting the fire. In the mean time the fire protection systems installed can keep your hopes and efforts of extinguishing fire alive.

All in all - A Fire Prevention and Protection System is by far the best investment that anyone can make rather than compensating a Catastrophic Fire after happening.

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